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Our approach focuses on strategy, communication, and impact.

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What you can expect from us


Guided Input

We want to deeply understand you and your brand. We do this by sharing and working on proven, tailored creative brief worksheets for you and your team. Our initial meetings are there to ask the right questions to the right people before any work is done.

Project Check-Ins

You’ll be involved every step of the way and you’ll always know when and what to expect from us. Our dependable workflow is designed to keep every project moving forward and updated on our project management system. Through weekly check-ins, we ensure we're aligned with your vision.

Video Deliveries

Through pre-recorded videos of our deliverables, you’ll be able to view and evaluate the work on your own time. It also allows us to share our thinking and strategy. This method has proven to be the most useful tool for internal reviewing and approvals that optimizes our meeting time together, whenever you’re ready.
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Our approach

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Option 1
Day Rate
We’re available for short sprints of time and small projects. Best for emergencies, short deadlines, and open-ended projects.
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Option 2
Fixed Projects
We work with you to provide a defined budget and delivery schedule. Best for concise project briefs, productions, and most websites.
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Option 3
We become an extension of your team and are available for longer-term projects or services at flexible monthly allowances. Best for product design, projects lasting more than 6 weeks requiring consistent agency support.

How our retainer approach works

Inspiration on-demand and reliable support always available when you need it.
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You only pay for the design time you need. We offer three options to suit your needs:

• Part time
• Full time
• Extra time
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Our tried-and-tested approach for project communication delivers quality work when you need it.

• Online project management
• Daily communication
• Weekly review sessions
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We can work on any creative need you might have and bring all our skills and tools into it.

• All-inclusive services
• Brand alignment
• Agency resources
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We adapt with you. Your retainer size can scale up or down as your company or needs change.

• Review your hours every month
• Support for in-house departments

Frequently asked questions

Can you provide examples of your previous work?
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Certainly! Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we can't upload every project we've produced but if you're interested in seeing more, please click here to schedule a call and we can show you most of them over a video call.

Can you provide references or client testimonials?
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Yes! Please click here to view our client testimonials.

What sets you apart from other agencies?
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Novamedia is a creative agency in Washington DC that focuses on delivering practical solutions to the evolving needs and demands of the fast-paced corporate world.

  • We invest in a structure that prioritizes speed, scale, long-term sustainability, security, and effective communication with stakeholders
  • We produce creative projects that align with your business objectives
  • All projects follow data-driven creative briefs that prioritize your ROI, provide brand equity, and have measurable impact indicators
  • Every stage of our projects has a boardroom-ready presentation that communicate complex ideas effectively
  • We offer a global reach through full English and Spanish support to corporations who cater to—or work with—the Latin American market and it's cultural nuances
  • We have a deep understanding of corporate culture and how it influences branding and communication initiatives
  • We provide comprehensive internal change management support during rebranding phases, mergers, and restructuring and serve as a strategic partner to your communication department
  • Our work is modular and allows for easy integration into your sales pipelines, existing teams, and legacy workflows
  • Through our blog, we share actionable insights from the creative world to help our clients envision attractive opportunities that leverage technology and storytelling and we guide them through the (often) nebulous ideation phase
  • We understand the complexities of working with executive stakeholders and their dynamics when it comes to the presentation of ideas, flexibility of project terms, and response times
  • We're always available to schedule quick meetings to discuss ideas and insights into their industries and businesses to help them solve the challenges they're facing through creative output
How do you handle tight deadlines?
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We invest in the tools and knowledge needed to deliver great work fast. We constantly dedicate our time to our craft, we only commit to deadlines we can guarantee, and use online reviewing tools that help our clients share their feedback that at every stage which, in turn, helps us iterate faster.

What clients have you worked with?
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We're honored to have worked with amazing teams and individuals who create true impact through their own mission. Among them: Africa Interactive, Amnesty International, BBDO, DDB Latam, Farmer Mac, Ficohsa, Ford, Gypsy Kings, Green Valley Industrial Park, Julius Meinl, Lotto, McCann, McDonald's, MullenLowe, Ogilvy, Popeyes, PriceSmart, Revlon, Sears, Strauss Coffee, Teach a Man to Fish, Terra, Toyota, UNICEF, United Nations, UNO Petrol, USAID, Volcafe ED&F Man, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), World Food Program, World Vision, and WWF.

Please click here to view our client testimonials.

What industries have you worked with?
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We have long-standing direct experience with corporations in the finance and construction industries, commodities trading, and other creative agencies. We're aware of the challenges that come with running operations in multiple states, geographies, and markets. Additionally, we have worked closely with NGOs and start-ups for unique projects that fit their distinct operational models and needs.

What is the average timeline for completing a project?
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It's nearly impossible to commit to a timeframe without understanding the scope of each individual project but we hope our breakdown of the 2024 project average-lifecycle by type* helps:

Graphic Design
• Mailers & One-Pagers: 2.5 Days
• General Editorial: 2.5 Weeks
• Pitch Decks & Presentations: 3 Weeks
• Annual Reports: 2.5 Months

Video Production
• Corporate Profiles: 3 Weeks
• Commercials: 2 Months
• Testimonials: 2.5 Weeks
• Tutorials & Guides: 4 Weeks

Web Design & Development
• Web Design: 4 Weeks
• Web Development: 6.5 Weeks
• Landing Pages: 4.5 Days

*Categories of services like branding, strategy, and retainer-based services vary widely and require deeper understanding. If you need an estimate, please click here to schedule a discovery call to get started.

How do you ensure the project aligns with our brand?
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We empower your story by defining the right objectives together with you, following through with key revision feedback, scheduling informative check-ins, and doing our homework.

Additionally, we study your brand as much as we can through online research and from any materials you can provide. Our single source of truth policy also helps us keep track of the details discussed during meetings. If anything feels disconnected at any stage of the project, your feedback will be immediately addressed and we'll adapt promptly.

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