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We believe creative professionals and brand executives will lead the future by working together.

Our core principles

Genuine People

Our work is a reflection of who we are at our core. We're always invested in the things we design, the ideas we produce, and the spaces we build. We manage all our projects with a business mind but lead them with a creative heart.


Creativity is in our DNA. As creative professionals, we constantly find inspiration around us and have a genuine interest in connecting with others that share this vision. We create a world that celebrates new ideas.

Growth Mindset

We focus on the right execution of our ideas and push ourselves to deliver better work every time. We value honesty  and understand that our success is measured by the success of our clients, people, and community.

Legacy & Impact

We own the results of our work. The things we build today help us shape the future we envision for our clients and creative community. We commit to outcomes that have impactful results and do everything we can to achieve them.
We're a creative agency in Washington DC that partners with brands, corporations, agencies, and start-ups to elevate their voice through design.
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“I believe there is no result more powerful and impactful than when you connect naturally-opposing forces—like data & feelings or intuition & experience. Likewise, amazing things happen when you connect the creative world to the corporate world. I've made it my life's mission to be a facilitator for both of these worlds and look forward to a future where this is the norm."
Francis Croghan-Mejia
Creative Director

How we give back to our community

Time & Service

We donate 100 design hours per year to foundations, clubs, and groups focused on LGBTQ+ youth and art.


We follow best-practices for accessibility in all our specialties: especially video, web experiences, and graphic design.

Work Opportunities

We create income opportunities for talented designers and developers in Latin America through our talent outreach program.

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